About commissioning a picture

I want to share a few things you should think about before you comission a new piece of work. These points are not obligatory,  but will help speed the process up if you have a clear idea about what you want at the start. Then contact me with your initial request:

  • What is it you want? Do you have something in mind that you have already seen by myself or another artist?
  • What medium do you want the picture to be made of e.g. oil on canvas, a pencil drawing etc
  • What size do you want it?
  • If you want a painting, do you prefer deep edged canvas or are you going to put it in a frame?
  • Do you have a preference for the setting or background for the picture?
  • Do you need the colours to match an existing colour scheme?
  • If you want a portrait (including animals) is it a single figure or multiple figures?
  • How much are you expecting the work to cost? (see pricing page)

If you are not sure about any of the above, I can talk you through various options associated with creating the work.

Please note that due to the complexity of rendering human heads, please try and ensure that when you are deciding on the picture size and composition that any head will be at least 10cm high in the finished picture. 

The process:

I am happy to accept most comission requests in a 2d medium i.e. painting or drawing. this is a rough outline of the steps I take to complete a new piece of work

  1. Initial communication to discuss and agree the end product. This could take the form of a face to face meeting, a video call or by email depending on your preference
  2. I will draft a document outlining what we have agreed including a sketch of the proposed composition.
  3. I will send you an invoice for the deposit along with the agreement prior to starting the work
  4. I then need to gather my source material. I can work from photographs however it is preferable for a portrait to do at least one sitting.
  5. I like to have two months to complete a painting as it needs at least four weeks drying time before it can be varnished. Shorter timescales are possible depending on my work schedule and the size required, however you may have to bring the painting back for varnishing.
  6. You will receive a photo of the composition on completion to ensure you are happy with it.
  7. When you are happy with the finished piece, I will send you an invoice for the remainder of the cost and will deliver the work to you following receipt of the final payment.