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London skyline mural



It is with a satisfied feeling that I have put the final layer of varnish on what has been my biggest and most time consuming piece of work to date. Over eighty percent of the work wasn't painted by myself, and that is the reason I am so pleased with it!

The mural was painted at Mission Grove primary school in November 2014, with the help of around twenty 9-10 year olds taking part over a nine month period . I was asked to create an image of the London skyline for an area which was the school library at the time. I thought, no problem that should be relatively quick to do! And I'm sure it would have been if I had painted it, however I under estimates a few important details, most importantly the size of the area and also the speed at which I could train young children of varying abilities to paint some consistently good landmarks. I quickly realised that it is impossible to get all of the iconic London monuments in a single view so I made a composite image in Photoshop which would fit exactly onto the wall space.






I was able to get the consistent quality throughout the image by taking relatively small areas at a time and building the image with lots of layers the children were able to create what I think is a great looking picture of the Thames.





Winns Gallery exhibition pictures

I thought I would add a walk around of the exhibition for those who can't get here to see it in person!

Solo show at the Winns Gallery


My solo show opens on Monday 20th October. I'll be taking my easel and painting in the gallery which should keep the boredom of invigilation at bay! It should be an interesting two weeks! Take a look at the Recent Work page to see some of the pics I will be exhibiting.

If you are in the area, or even if you're not, drop in for a gander and a chat and a cup of tea!

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Exciting inclusion on figurativeartist .org

I have been very fortunate in being accepted onto the website:, which I think has the best collection of figurative art and portraiture on the net:

My page links to the website and social media accounts but there is also another page highlighting my portrait work:

I am hoping it will greatly increase the traffic to my website and facebook page. I have added a link to the website in the right hand column of this page, so have a look, there is some really good stuff on there!

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New website, New blog

Hi and welcome to my new(ish) blog.

So here I am, at least two years after creating a blog on I didn't exactly do much with it apart from posting a few exhibition dates. So why start another one? I was always doubtful that I could/would have enough material to post once or twice a week, it seemed like a very tall order. After thinking long and hard I have decided to write about things that I think about or are a part of my day to day life. So now the kids are back at school it will hopefully be much easier to plan my week, and keep to a schedule. I want to produce a couple of pieces per week, one on a topic close to my heart and a second showing art that I am currently working on.

I am hugely excited about my new website, I re-designed and re-engineered it in WordPress as it was getting increasingly difficult to update and expand my current site. I wanted to create something new and dynamic that would underpin all of my art related endeavours. So instead of a website I now have a sparkly new content management system. All the time I spent and hard work that went into setting it up will now allow me to easily add words, pictures and pages, as and when I need them. Having got the basic pages out of the way e.g. picture galleries, contact page etc it is still very much a work in progress, I'm planning on adding a few pages shortly i.e. a studio tour, prints and a news page, and I am testing out other additions as I go along. Now I will not only be able to exhibit new pieces of work but also work in different stages of completion, experiments and stuff not appropriate for putting on a wall. It will be be central hub for me to hang anything and everything so now I haven't got any excuse for regularly showing off all my bits and pieces!

So back to the blog, I have been thinking about a range of topics to write about. The first idea I liked is about technology for artists. I have a few arty friends who are complete technophobes. This made me think that there could be a need for some non technical-speak, art related technology information! I'm not sure if reading my blog is likely to convert them to coding computer apps, but I have personally found that using technology has completely changed the way I work, from dealing with image research, mockups and creating reference material to automating admin tasks, so I am keen to share my love of tech in the hope it might be useful to others. My first article will be about using a small A4 scanner to scan larger images instead of paying for large format scans at a bureau. Some of the art related topics I am planning to work on are: painting and drawing techniques and processes, DIY studio furniture, subject matter/themes and art admin. I did fancy writing about another subject which is very dear to me, and that is food, drink and cooking but I imagine the change of subject is likely to confuse anyone reading it, so I'll maybe have to think about that one for a separate blog.

So in summary, if you want to discuss anything remotely related to what I am writing about then please comment away, similarly any ideas or requests for future pieces will be greatfully received.

Thanks for reading this and hope you can make it next time.

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