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London skyline mural



It is with a satisfied feeling that I have put the final layer of varnish on what has been my biggest and most time consuming piece of work to date. Over eighty percent of the work wasn't painted by myself, and that is the reason I am so pleased with it!

The mural was painted at Mission Grove primary school in November 2014, with the help of around twenty 9-10 year olds taking part over a nine month period . I was asked to create an image of the London skyline for an area which was the school library at the time. I thought, no problem that should be relatively quick to do! And I'm sure it would have been if I had painted it, however I under estimates a few important details, most importantly the size of the area and also the speed at which I could train young children of varying abilities to paint some consistently good landmarks. I quickly realised that it is impossible to get all of the iconic London monuments in a single view so I made a composite image in Photoshop which would fit exactly onto the wall space.






I was able to get the consistent quality throughout the image by taking relatively small areas at a time and building the image with lots of layers the children were able to create what I think is a great looking picture of the Thames.





Winns Gallery exhibition pictures

I thought I would add a walk around of the exhibition for those who can't get here to see it in person!

Solo show at the Winns Gallery


My solo show opens on Monday 20th October. I'll be taking my easel and painting in the gallery which should keep the boredom of invigilation at bay! It should be an interesting two weeks! Take a look at the Recent Work page to see some of the pics I will be exhibiting.

If you are in the area, or even if you're not, drop in for a gander and a chat and a cup of tea!

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“The Portrait”

I recently had the pleasure of finishing a portrait for a friend, a picture of his partner. It wasn’t a commission, rather I forced the offer onto him over dinner. It was intended as a thank you for all the help I had been given when building my website, little did I imagine how long it would take and how it would be received. Here is the picture:


"Barbara" oil painting by Marc Summersgill


As you will see if you click on the link, I posted the portrait without realising that they were on holiday for a couple of weeks. Those two weeks became fraught as time went on. I was very happy with the portrait when I finished it, but as time crept on I became more unsure as to how it would be received. Just because I liked it and I thought it was a pretty good likeness, I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps I had got the wrong end of the stick. Maybe the things that I had focused on were not the same as the things that he loved about her!

Portraits are funny things in that with a single stroke it is possible to completely change the expression and the emphasis of a face, sometimes even losing the likeness completely. I worked from a few photos I quickly took at the time. If I had attempted to make an exact copy of one the photos I am pretty sure the picture would not have gone down very well at all. Which is where the artistic license comes in, and the problems begin! What I am trying to say is that my choice of emphasis could easily have been the wrong ones and without being able to see into the beholders mind, it is largely guesswork and feeling. I wanted to to do a great job because they deserve it, and all I could imagine was receiving one of those polite thank you’s that people send after getting an unwanted present!

Luckily I needn’t have worried, I couldn’t have been more wrong and with a very large sigh of relief I received the following:

So all is well that ends well, and thanks to Blyth for such a wholehearted endorsement of my work.

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Girl thinking!

I'd like to share my new painting. I love the lighting on this one and fortunately it turned out as well as I'd hoped!
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