I am the third generation of artists in the Summersgill family.  

Since studying Art and design at Southport college of Art and completing a 3D design degree in 1989 I have worked in various media including photography, computer and web graphics. I began painting full time in 2005, taking a studio in the Euroart complex in Tottenham after which I built a home studio, making it easier to work whilst remaining close to my family.

I worked exclusively on aquatic imagery from 2007 until 2010 after being inspired by a visit to the London Aquarium. Since then I have returned to more traditional figurative, city and landscape themes.

I have work in a number of International private collections and have exhibited regularly since 2006, including: Edinburgh Art fair, Battersea Contemporary Art Fair and Islington Contemporary Art Fair and a solo exhibition of portraits at the Winns Gallery, Walthamstow.