Artists statement

I am completely fascinated by the quality of the light that surrounds me. It is my single most important consideration when thinking about a new piece of work. Light can change the look and feel of everything it touches and for me, the character of the light imbues a picture with its life and its emotional impact.

I draw inspiration from the high contrast and texture found in works of the old masters and the modern use of design, composition and colour from work of the last century to the present. My taste in the two dimensional arts has led me into the drawing and painting of figurative subjects, exploring how subtle changes in light can alter mood and emphasis of the form, turning bland pictorial ideas into striking, exciting and memorable images. 

I am currently developing my work using a variety of textural, dry brush, glazing and impasto techniques to bring my illusion of reality to the painted surface. The human face and body lend themselves perfectly to my exploration in paint. I want to achieve accurate representation in terms of proportion and perspective but aim to push my own boundaries of what I can achieve with a brush.